Alternate Title(s): シグルイ; 剑豪生死门, Crazy for Death
Official Website: (Japanese)
Genre(s): Drama, Historical, Samurai
Episodes: 12
Opening Theme: ---
Ending Theme: ---
Summary:  "Based on a seinen manga by Yamaguchi Takayuki, serialised in Champion RED.

We are in the sixth year of the Kan’ei era (1629), at the beginning of the Edo period. The story takes place inside the castle of Suruga.

The first duel of a tournament which, in contravention of all existing laws, allows the use of real swords, brings together for the last time two mighty swordsmen whose intertwined past is as beautiful and gruesome as the wounds upon their bodies…

An exceptional manga artist decides to tackle the forbidden work by the last giant figure in samurai literature, only to give birth to a colossal period drama filled with unspeakable tragedy and cruelty!

~AniDB, src